We have been selected as the Chinese language vendor by both American and European firms and have contributed our turnkey efforts in various projects including:

  • Translation,
  • Localization,
  • QA linguistic review,
  • Project management, and
  • DTP services

The full package of services we offer will be the ideal solution for your globalization and localization needs. With the assistance of our associates, we also provide the following language combinations:

Western languages

Asian languages


Chinese (simplified and traditional)







Yan translation DTP specialists have a working knowledge of a number of industry-standard desktop publishing and graphics applications: MS applications, Adobe FrameMaker, PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and others. Our services including: 
* Formatting and page layout;
* Converting/generating output of translated material in multiple formats;
* Post-DTP QA checks.

After translation and DTP process, a final review of document and graphic files will be performed before they go to printer or are published to ensure that the content was not altered or distorted in any way during the DTP process and that the final version closely resembles the source material.

Usually a translation project will go through these steps:

(1) Receive translation material or sample for evaluation;
(2) Send quote
(3) Receive confirmed order from client
(4) Contact translator (s) in related industry to start translation
(5) Translator (s) submit finished work to us
(6) Translation proofread by a senior linguist.
(7) Final editing by an in-house translator
(8) Submit final translation to the client.

To download a detailed workflow chart please click here.

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We advocate doing business in an honest and sincere way, that's why we never overcharge clients or charge hidden fees. Learn our terms of payment click here.

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